I currently live just outside Glasgow, Scotland, with my husband, five children and two dogs. Although I do dream of moving to somewhere warm and sunny, to escape the miserable Scottish weather. A house by the sea would be my dream home.

I try to spend my time equally between, helping her husband run the family business and my writing. Which can be challenging. When I do manage to get some free time it is spent with my family. Past-times include cooking healthy family meals, exercising and walking the dogs.

All my stories are emotional and often deal with real life issues.  


All of my books, so far, are based in Scotland. The Captured Series follows the story of Libby Stewart running her family hotel in Loch Lomond.

A Beautiful Game focuses on the ins and outs of Scottish football in Glasgow and deals with many real life issues.

The Scripted series follows the story of Scottish actress Ella McGregor as she rebuilds her own life after being betrayed.

Moving On focuses on Lauren Trent and her children.

Why didn’t I read this book sooner?! This is the first book I’ve read by Karen Frances and I love her style. Of course I’m always a fan of books that take place in Scotland (especially places I’ve visited) but there was just something extra special about this story.


What a great read! I really loved reading He’s Captured My Heart! I can’t believe that this is Karen Frances’ debut novel. It is simply AWESOME!!

There was absolutely nothing about this book that I didn’t love! I especially love Alex and Libby. Their love story wasn’t the standard issue billionaire mogul meets meek young girl type story. It was really fun to watch it unfold. I love the background stories and characters (especially Kieran and Ethan) too.

I have already one-clicked He’s Captured My Trust and can’t wait to see what happens to them next!

Sue Paulson

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